The national drug review and approval system reform policy publicity training will be held (2017-10-27)

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      October 26th -27th , CFDA held a raining session in Beijing - reform policy for the national Drug review and approval system in 2017. Publicizing and implementing the spirit “On deepening the reform of the examination and approval system, encouraging the innovation of drug medical devices” to provincial Food and drug regulatory departments, institutions in charge of drug registration management and institutions in charge of drug approval. The meting unscramble the key point in the spirit, aiming at unity, rallying consensus and vigorously advancing the implementation of the reform work. Deputy Director Wu Zhen attended the meeting and delivered speech.

      Wu request, we should grab this training , strengthens the organization leadership, strengthens the cooperation, complete the supporting policy. Put the encourage and innovation policies into practice.

      At the meeting, regarding to "Drug Management Law" ,the legal Department of the General Administration, the Pharmaceutical Registration Division, the relevant persons responsible for the drug examination, give a introduction about the amendments to the provisions, the general situation, the overall status of drug review, the revision of the administration of drug registration, the pilot of the listed licensee, the evaluation of the conformity of pharmaceutical products and the related review of drug and pharmaceutical raw materials and the packaging materials, listing catalogue, receiving overseas clinical trial data.

      The representative think that the this training is held in a timely manner. The content of the meeting is appropriate, the interpretation is very precise. The whole meeting is very "thirst-quenching". It makes everyone understand the spirit of reform more thoroughly, grasp the content of the reform more accurately, and it will help to put the reform work into practice.

     About 150 people attended the meeting, including the person from Relevant Department of the General Administration and directly affiliated units, the National provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) food and drug regulatory departments and institutions responsible for drug registration management.