The best CPHI Shanghai tour ever (2017-06-25)

2018-06-29 13:52:54 4

      June, a season of rainy romance. Harmonier and boys and girls who devote himself to raw material medicine industry, get together at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Present at the event of CPHI Shanghai!

      Although there is a little bit dizzy when we setting off, the harmoniers adjust and response timely and effectively, with no panic at all. With such excellent quality of Harmoniers, we complete this tour and missions successfully.

      Three departments, Product department, customer service department and sales department, are present at CPHI Shanghai this time. Each department has its own focus, while products department are responsible to domestic 

suppliers, customer service department prefers to familiar customers, the sales department has special mission to find new working partners and win their trust quickly.

      Alan(sales manager) shuttle between exhibition halls, chat with different people, recommend our products positively, and answer each customer's questions patiently, which win customers good feedback. Vicky(Customer Service 

Manager) is also diligent, who visit Hong Kong for another issues and back to Shanghai without any delay. Lily, Customer service supervisor, stick on her workplace and meeting with customers, doesn’t notice her voice gets hoarse 

with not drink water for a long day.

      Several workers from product department are also scattered in every corner of the exhibition hall. We can tell their hard work and efforts from the detailed analysis report submitted that night.

We have found so many move moments and glitter points from this CPHI. This moment, you are the best, to every Harmonier works in great passion and confidence.